Watson Helical Spiral Shawl Pin Shawl Screw Hair Pin in Sterling Silver

  • $42.00

3 5/8" " (9 cm) Spiral Pin in Sterling Silver

We all know (if we were paying attention in class, anyway) that the scientific team of Watson and Crick discovered the double helix structure of DNA in the 1950's, and we have them to thank for all the genetic advances that have ensued. But since I only have a single helix here, Watson gets single billing. Crick will get credit on the next pin ; )

A lightweight, lengthwise spiral of gleaming silver, this little darling will hold your finest knits together without harm. Smooth and highly polished, it will ‘screw’ into your garments and fasten them securely, while weighing almost nothing (just a little more than a nickel.)

It is 3 5/8" long, and is made of PMC silver clay which has been kiln fired and tumble polished for further strength. Let this little whisper of metal hold your whisper knits secure. You can read more about Precious Metal Clay in my shop announcements.

If you use this as a hair pin, I would suggest you use it as a decorative element of a hairstyle that is held together by other means. If pushed too far, could break or bend, as all silver will.

This would make a perfect gift for your favorite lace knitter!

Materials: silver,silver clay,pmc,sterling silver,fine silver,pure silver