Essential Elements - SMALL - Sterling Silver Hand Hammered Kilt Shawl Sweater Safety Pin

  • $22.00

1 1/2" (3.8 cm) Hammered Sterling Safety Pin

A smaller version of my Essential Elements Pin

If ‘less is more’, then this little pin is the most. Nothing is superfluous to this piece – the bends and curves are the minimum needed to create a secure fastener, yet it abounds in functionality and grace. It is made of sterling silver wire (14 ga) hand shaped, then hammered to add to the beauty and springy qualities of the wire. It takes a turn in the polisher also, to add more strength and shine.

This weight is suitable for most knits, sweaters, and a light boiled wool fabric.

It’s hard to beat a classic shape in a precious metal.

Unless you tell me otherwise, I will ship this pin with a rounded tip to slide through knit yarns without splitting them. If you would like a sharpened end to pierce woven fabrics, please let me know in the comments section when you order.

Materials: sterling,silver,metal,925 silver