EACH Silver 1/2" Button Cardigan -Starlite Drive-In

  • $13.00

Fine Silver 1/2" (63 mm) Button

Priced EACH

When I was a child my parents used to bundle me up in my jammies, put me in the back seat of the car with a blankie and a pillow and head off to the Starlite Drive-In Movie Theatre. I inevitably would climb up on the ledge behind the back seats and doze off. These buttons brought to mind the Starlite when I saw the tiny twinkles sprinkled across their faces, and their cool fifties retro vibe. Let them star (sorry, couldn’t resist) in your next fiber project!

Made of fine silver, they were formed of silver clay, then fired and polished for maximum shine. I’ve left them bright because stars need to shine! They are just a smidge over 1/2” in diameter, and all together weigh about as much as 3 dimes. Marked on the back with my ‘jb’ logo and ‘.999FS’.

Please hand wash, machine wash on your most delicate cycle in a mesh bag (no dryer), or dry clean.

PS. I googled the Starlite to make sure of the spelling and found out it is still showing movies!!! How cool is that!