Bronze Toggle Tweet Button

  • $7.50

Bronze 1 1/8" (2.9 cm) Toggle Button

As an aspiring artiste, I know how important it is to remain dispassionate and detached when looking at what I’ve created; I have to learn how to edit and cut away those things which don’t measure up. But I have to say, when this one came out of the kiln, my only reaction was ‘Whoa! That’s soooooo cool!”

I had a little lump of bronzclay after an afternoon of making fun new things, and played with it idly...when this shape came up. Two buttonholes, and here was the bronze version of the horn and wood toggle buttons I’d seen my whole life. Designed to be used either through a buttonhole or an attached loop, it’s heavy and smooth, and has a lovely luster. It would be smashing on a knitted sweater coat, or even better as a toggle closure on a felted purse. Be aware, it’s dense and heavy for it’s size, and needs to be on a knitted fabric that can hold it. But in the right place, nothing else will match it. Start thinking now of where you will use it!!

Made of bronzclay, it was formed, kiln fired, polished by hand and tumbler, patinated, then hand polished to bring out the rich texture. It weighs about as much as a nickel and is 1 1/8" long. If you need another size or a set convo me, and we’ll see what we can work out.

Please hand wash, machine wash on your most delicate cycle in a mesh bag (no dryer), or dry clean.

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