Bronze Lace Shawl Pin

  • $39.00

Bronze 1 3/4" (4.5cm) diameter shawl pin or brooch with antique handmade lace imprint.

Beautifully textured with a delicate lace pattern, the appearance of this shawl pin belies the strength of the bronze which forms it. How a material so hard can look so sweet and delicate is a conundrum, but one which you may happily contemplate as it holds your garments together. Not too heavy, but large enough to hold your knits securely in place. (It weighs about as much as three nickels)

The imprint was made from a scrap of beautiful antique lace. Forty years ago (!) when I was a child, a friend of my grandmothers gave me a box of antique lace pieces. Even then I loved fabrics and textiles, and she was sweet enough to realize that I would always treasure them. Over the years they have been used for various precious projects...covering wedding albums, extra special pillows. Now in my metal clay work I have a chance to use the tiny pieces that were too exquisite to discard, but not big enough for other projects. Hooray!

Definitely hand formed, hand polished, and perfect for your lovingly hand crafted shawl or scarf.

Materials: metal,bronze,bronze clay,bronzclay