JENNYBUTTONS is where you will find custom jewelry, cufflinks, and blazer buttons handcrafted from silver and bronze. In addition, I am able to create a custom design for you using your monogram, family crest, wedding logo, corporate design, or help you develop an original idea.

I work in ancient metals using a new technology - precious metal clay, which consists of microscopic metal particles held together with an organic binder. It can be formed as any clay can..then when kiln fired, at temperatures up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, the binders burn away and the metal particles fuse, resulting in beautiful, quality objects of solid silver and bronze.


Etsy now has a 'Quantity" feature, which is great because you can order however many buttons or pins you need without having to convo me. They also have added an 'In Stock' feature, which may confuse the issue a bit. If I mark the buttons as 'not in stock', you wouldn't be able to order the quantity you need. I will get back to you within 24 hours with a convo telling you production time if the buttons you ordered are not already made. Thank you for your understanding of my workaround for this Etsy feature.

Some buttons won't have this quantity feature activated.. Convo me if you are interested in multiples. Some might require supplies like dichroic glass or such that I would need to get in, (and would add to the cost), so best we discuss it first.

I am now an instructor on Craftsy.com! Craftsy asked me to come to Denver to shoot a series of lessons on introductory silver metal clay techniques, and so I did!

Craftsy.com is a website where you can take in depth classes to learn 'how-to'. They have classes in jewelry making, sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, cooking and woodworking, and much more. You sign up for an online class, and have infinite access - there is no time limitation. You have the ability to ask your instructor questions which he or she will check back and answer, and students can join in the conversation too. You also have a place to post pictures of your projects - because sharing what you've done is the most fun of all, right?

Check it out, and get started on making some metal clay magic of your own!

Please take a look at my shop policies for other information regarding payment, special orders, and my return policy. Thanks!