CUSTOM Sterling Silver Tie Bar Tie Clip with Wedding Logo School Logo Business Logo - Example

  • $190.00

Custom 2" Sterling Silver Tie Bar Tie Clip with your Wedding, Business, or School Logo


This lovely tie bar was made using a business logo provided to me by the customer, to create a truly wonderful gift that will last a lifetime (and then some). Think of all the ways this could be a great gift - for a corporate board (with matching bracelets for the women), your groomsmen, or with a family crest for a really memorable gift.

To order these, we will talk about what kind of design you would like. Would you like a script monogram, or a calligraphic initial? Do you have a company with a logo you would like to use? I will help you adapt your wishes or artwork into a design suitable for the stamp making process, and then create your set.

The cost is divided into two parts - the first is artwork/design/stampmaking. This runs from 50.00 for camera ready art to 155.00 for creating an original design or motif for you. This design involved recreating the family crest in a black and white image suitable for the stampmaking process, so it's towards the higher end of the spectrum. I then make a reusable mold/stamp which can be used for your piece. Additional tie clips, cufflinks, blazer buttons, pendants or charms can be made from the same stamp.

The second part of the cost is for the tie bar itself. In sterling silver that would run 115.00.

I will create a custom listing for you depending on your art and stamp requirements, and the number of tie bars you need.Please allow two to three weeks for fabrication. They come in a gift box with a flannel anti-tarnish storage pouch.

Are you looking for a gift that is a truly special and spectacular? Are you having a hard time deciding what to get your groom, or even better, your husband on your 25th anniversary? Not anymore. ; ) This is truly a lifetime gift, that will be handed down with love and care.

The price shown is as an illustration for this particular pair, yours may be more or less depending on the complexity of your design and what needs to be done to adapt it for use. Please allow about 2 to 3 weeks for fabrication.

Materials: sterling silver,PMC clay