Shawl Pin -Cuneiform Sterling Silver Hammered Shawl Pin Brooch Ring and Hammered Wire Stick

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Cuneiform Fine Silver Hammered Shawl Pin Stick and Sterling Wire Ring

Hand Hammered Ring 1 1/2" (4 cm) diameter with 4" " (10.2 cm) stick

Looking back, I was a weird kid. I read through my school library's entire Egyptology collection in the seventh grade. Seeing as it was only 7 books, I wasn't THAT weird, but it sparked my interest in ancient cultures, art, and languages. I got really excited as the Mayan glyphs were decoded over the last 20 years. I thought the Rosetta stone was really cool. I ended up majoring in Art History in college. Stuff like that.

The particular hammer that I used on this ring left a series of wedge shaped marks. When I was done, I looked at it and went "Huh. Cuneiform". See the last picture...cuneiform was a type of ancient Sumerian writing made about 5000 years ago using a wedge shaped stylus in wet clay.

I know. TMI. But you've got to admit, it's a very nice pin.

The ring is formed of silver clay, kiln fired, and then hammered to a delicate finish and lovingly polished. The stick is from a spiral tipped sterling wire hammered for texture and strength. You will wear it with both your blue jeans and your dressiest outfits, because classic style and quality are appropriate for EVERY occasion. Ancient or modern ; )

A perfect gift for your perfect knitter! Or put it on your wish list and drop a few hints ; )

Materials: silver,silver clay,pmc,999 silver,metal clay,metal,fine silver,sterling silver,925 silver

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