Satin Sweetie Flower Shawl Pin Brooch Ring and Stick with Matte Texture

  • $39.50

Solid Bronze 2 " (5.2cm) Flower shaped ring with 4 1/4" ( 10.9 cm) stick with satin matte finish.

This is a lighthearted pin for those days when you'd like to feel sophisticated but a bit flirty. The silhouetted flower and leaf shape will beautifully accent a plain knit, yet are simple enough to complement your more intricate creations.

Made of bronzclay, the pieces were formed and fired, then tumbler polished for brilliance and strength, then given a soft brushed satin finish. The sweet little leaf was fired onto a bronze wire stick which has been gently rounded at the ends to it will not split your fibers. (Read more about bronzclay in the Shop Announcements)

Size is 2 " diameter for the ring and 4 1/4" for the stick, and all together they weigh about as much as two nickels.

Think spring with this charming set!

Materials: bronze,bronzclay,bronze clay,metal clay,metal