Phillip Pin -Large Sterling Silver Hand Hammered Kilt Shawl Sweater Safety Pin Clasp Fastener 3 1/4"

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3 1/4" (8.2 cm) Hammered Sterling Safety Pin

Why Phillip? I don't even KNOW a Phillip. But I wanted to add a new larger pin to the line, and made this one as a prototype. After I turned the tip up at the end to make it just a little more secure when fastened, I thought to myself : "Well, that's a pretty little fillip!"* So there you go.

It is made of 12 gauge sterling silver wire, hand shaped, then hammered to add beauty and spring. It takes a turn in the polisher also, to add more strength and shine.

This weight is suitable for most knits, sweaters, and a boiled wool fabric. Both exposed ends have been gently rounded to avoid snags.

Your pin will come with a rounded tip to slide between the yarns of your knits. If you would like it to have a pointed tip, please choose that variation in checkout.

It’s hard to beat a classic shape in a precious metal. Unless you beat it with your little German jeweler's hammer.

Marked .925.

*English definition of “fillip”
noun [C usually singular] /ˈfɪl.ɪp/

something that causes a sudden improvement:

The athletics win provided a much-needed fillip to/for national pride.
The news gave the stock market a big fillip.

(Definition of fillip noun from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

ps how many other Shopify listings come with footnotes? ; )

Materials: sterling,silver,metal,925 silver