Mega Galaxy Solid Bronze Spiral Heavy Weight Large Shawl Pin

  • $65.00

3" (7.5 cm) Solid Bronze Spiral Shawl pin

So big I can't get all of it in the picture. ; )

This is the pin for when you realize that luxury is purity. Purity of form, purity of execution, and purity of materials. An unfurling arc of pure gleaming bronze, this pin holds your chunkiest, most luxurious knits with panache. This is the pin for the cashmere shawl that you have to lift with both hands, it's so warm and thick. It 'screws’ into the fabric and holds all in place with a golden sheen.

Fashioned of bronze metal clay, it is 3 in diameter.. It was kiln fired, then tumble polished for strength and shine.

An investment in quality that you will enjoy for years.

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