Hogarth Bronze Shawl Pin Sweater Clasp

  • $26.00

Bronze Shawl Pin approx 3 1/2" (9.2 cm) long

William Hogarth was an 18th century artist who championed the cyma, or "s" shaped curve, which he called the 'line of beauty'. It is evident in the Queen Anne furniture of the day with it's graceful cabriole legs, and is the basis for many of the lovely architectural moldings of the period.

It's hard to argue with his logic when you see this simple, yet wonderfully graceful pin.
Sometimes the simplest solution is the most elegant. This 'S" shaped pin, with a delicate taper, will hold your shawls and sweaters in classic style.

This pure bronze pin is fashioned of bronze clay, It was kiln fired, then tumble polished for strength and shine. Fairly substantial, it weighs about as much as two quarters. I would suggest it for your medium to chunky knits or loosely woven tweeds.

Materials: bronze,bronze clay,bronzclay,metal