Ondine Sterling Silver Shawl Pin or Hair Pin in Wavy U Shape

  • $79.00

U shaped Silver pin 3 1/4" (8 cm) long

An Ondine is a mythological water nymph, who is often found in the still pools and splashing waterfalls of the forest. The gentle curves of this pin remind me of what the water spirit's locks of hair must look like as they float on the water. According to legend, an Ondine must marry a mortal and bear his child in order to claim her soul. Wear a little bit of romance close to your heart as you use this pin to secure your shawl or sweater. It would also make a stuffing accent to a chignon or other upswept hairdo.

Formed of silver clay, the pin is 3 1/4" long. It was formed, kiln fired, then hand and tumble polished to bring out its beauty and texture.

(This pin is substantial and strong, but being made of silver, will bend if forced. This is generally not a problem with shawls, but if you are planning to use it as a hair pin, I suggest it being for ornamental use in a hairdo that is otherwise secured.)

A perfect gift, or treat yourself!!!

Materials: silver,silver clay,PMC,sterling silver,sterling