Zipper Spiral Shawl Pin Screw -Midweight - Solid Bronze

  • $24.00

Bronze Spiral Shawl Pin 1 3/4" (4.7 cm) in diameter

If the definition of elegance is:

simplicity plus quality plus utility equals beauty

Then I think this little pin hits the mark on all four!

An unfurling arc of pure bronze punctuated with tiny dots, It looks all the world like a tiny spiral zipper! This pin holds your garments in place while weighing just a little more than a quarter. It ‘screws’ into the fabric and holds it all securely with a golden gleam.

Fashioned of bronze clay, it is 1 3/4" in diameter and well suited to medium weight knits or heavier. It was kiln fired, then tumble polished for strength and shine.

A fabulous gift for your favorite knitter.
(And I promise not to tell if your favorite knitter is yourself!)