Cloud Lace Bronze Shawl Pin Ring and Stick

  • $45.00

Bronze embossed 2 1/2" (5.6 cm) ring with 3 3/8" (8.5 cm) stick

I love this lacy cloudlike pattern. It has a faint Chinese cloud motif feel, while maintaining an allover texture that's so pleasing next to your knits.. And it all has such a rich glow!

Made of bronzclay, formed , imprinted, and fired, then tumbler polished for brilliance and strength. It was then patinated, and polished again to make all the texture stand out. (Read more about bronzclay in the Shop Announcements) . This is a substantial set, together the pieces weigh about as much as four quarters!

Go woolgathering in the clouds with this lovely shawl pin set!

Materials: bronze,bronze clay,bronzclay,metal

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