Sterling Silver Medallion Pendant with Family Crest Coat of Arms Heraldry - EXAMPLE

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Custom Family Crest Coat of Arms Heraldry Medallion Pendant in Fine Silver

I think I've found my calling. Apparently I was born 500 years too late.
Because I really, really, REALLY love making crests and coats of arms. But, 500 years ago they probably wouldn't have let me touch the tools anyway, being a female and all. So I guess now is good. :D

These are some examples of a coat of arms made into a medallion of fine silver. I take an example of the Crest, and create a line drawing which I then use to make a stamp from a polymer compound. The stamp then is used to make a bas-relief image in the silver clay, which polishes up beautifully in the finished object. The last photo shows the evolution from crest to line art to polymer stamp.

The amount of detail that can be included is pretty amazing. In the Kennedy crest medallion pictured, the entire thing is the size of a quarter. Those itty bitty letters are 1.1 mm tall ( I have digital calipers and was curious).

The cost varies, but the quarter sized example shown in the first picture would run about 200.00 to 220.00 without the chain.

More than one medallion can be made from the same stamp, in either bronze or silver. Additional pieces would cost less, because the stamp is being reused.

The third picture shows a different, larger medallion made using the same method.

I can also make cufflinks this way. The cost for a pair of silver cufflinks would run from 240.00 to 270.00 depending on the Crest and complexity of the artwork.

Perfect for weddings or family reunions, or as a truly spectacular gift when only something precious, personal, and original will do.

Please contact me through the 'custom order' button to ask about having your own treasure created!

Materials: fine silver,999 silver,pure silver

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