Dozy Pozy Necklace Flower Charm in Solid Brass with Rubber Cord

  • $42.00

1/2" (1.2 cm) Bronze Flower Charm on 20" (48 cm) 1.5mm Black Rubber necklace with Gold Filled Clasp.

Dozy because they are made with a mold I created from a poppy seed pod. And we all remember Dorothy and her friends falling asleep on their way to the Emerald City, don’t we? Posies because well, it does look just like a delicate flower. This diminutive darling charm is one of my very favorite creations, both sweet and sophisticated. Quite regular in it's geometry, there is still enough variation in the design to keep the eye interested. A beautiful necklace which can go from casual to elegant with ease.

This pendant is on a 20 " (48 cm) black rubber cord with a gold filled clasp.

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