Custom Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace Medallion with Business or Charity Logo

  • $190.00

1" (2.4cm) by 1" (2.4 cm) pendant of Sterling Silver with Business or Charity Logo


We all know who they are. The people who give above and beyond, who keep a charity endeavor afloat, or steer a business through rough waters. When it is time to thank them, give a gift both precious and unique. This is a example of a sterling silver pendant with an organization's logo, given as a special thank you to an outstanding individual.

I can do this for you too! The best images are black and white graphics, but I can adapt many images for this purpose.
The price will depend on how much prep work I need to do to the image in order to make your necklace, and the size of the finished article. Art work/stampmaking runs about 50.00 to 150.00, but this is a one time charge as the stamp can be reused. A Pendant this size (1" square) would run about 155.00 in sterling silver. I'm also able to make your piece from solid golden bronze, too.

Contact me and let's get your custom piece made!

Materials: sterling silver,silver clay