Custom Design Medallion Pendant in Fine Silver with Sterling Chain - EXAMPLE

  • $275.00

Custom Monogram Logo 1 1/4" (3.2 cm) pendant in Fine Silver with 20" (51 cm) French Rope chain in Sterling Silver

Do you have a special symbol or design that you would like to see in silver? This medallion was made from a medieval design that a customer sent to me to be translated into a lovely silver pendant.

In this process, I start with the customer design, be it a logo, monogram, or corporate design , and create a line drawing entirely in black and white. I then use that art to make a stamp from a polymer compound. The stamp then is used to create a bas-relief image in silver metal clay, which is fired to become an object of SOLID silver as the metal particles fuse.

The cost varies, but the 1 1/4 (3.2 cm) medallion shown here costs in the 250 to 275 dollar range. If desired, I can provide a suitable chain such as a 3mm French Rope chain in sterling (cost approximately 80 dollars). Medallions like this generally range in size from about an inch up to an inch and a half.

More than one medallion can be made from the same stamp, in either bronze or silver. Additional pieces would cost less, because the stamp is being reused.

I can also make cufflinks this way. The cost for a pair of silver cufflinks would run from 240.00 to 270.00 depending on the design and complexity of the artwork.

The same process can be used to make keychains, earrings, commemorative medallions, in either silver or bronze.  Also, additional items would cost less because the stamp would already have been made.

Perfect for weddings or family reunions, or as a truly spectacular gift when only something precious, personal, and original will do.

Please contact me through the 'custom order' button to ask about having your own treasure created!

Materials: fine silver,999 silver,pure silver,Sterling silver

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