Bronze Large Echinus Seashell Pendant with Rubber Cord.

  • $65.00

Bronze Large Echinus Pendant 1 5/8" (4.2 cm) in diameter with 18" or 24" rubber cord with solid bronze clasp.

She May Sell Seashells by the Sea Shore...but I bet they were never as luscious as this big beautiful pendant made of solid bronze. I have a dear friend who loves nature and brings me bits and bobs to use in my work. She brought me this perfect Echinus shell, and now it comes to you as a lovely necklace.

Formed of bronze clay, each one is molded and the bail is added by hand. They are then kiln fired, hand and tumbler polished, given a darkened finish and polished again to bring out all the natural highlights and detail. This is a lovely and substantial piece, it weighs as much as five nickels.  It also would make a wonderful gift for your seaside loving friend.

Available with an 18" or 24" cord; please indicate your preference at checkout.

Materials: bronze,bronze clay,bronzclay,rubber cord