Custom Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace Medallion with Chinese or Japanese Characters - EXAMPLE

  • $200.00

Approx 1" long (2.4) cm pendant of Sterling Silver, with Chinese ideographs


If you are looking for a monogrammed keepsake with anything other than a standard English alphabet, it can be hard to find someone who can make it for you. The metal stamps are sold in sets, and while there are lots of fonts to choose from, no one has yet made a set including all the thousands of beautiful characters used in other alphabets and syllabaries.

Fortunately, if you can provide me with an image, I can create a beautiful silver piece for you. We can make your pendant square, round, oval - whatever shape and size would work best with the inscription

So far, I've worked with Chinese ideographs, Japanese Kanji, Gujarati, and the Hylian Alphabet from the Legend of Zelda video game series!

The price is divided into two parts - adapting the art making the stamp, and then producing the piece. For this particular example, the stampmaking was 50.00 . (That is a one time charge, as the stamp can be reused) Fabricating the sterling silver pendant was 150.00. Contact me and let's get your custom piece made!

Materials: sterling silver,silver clay