Custom Silver Pendant with Name in Legend of Zelda Hylian Alphabet -EXAMPLE

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EXAMPLE - Custom Pendant in Fine or Sterling Silver with Recipient's name in Hylian lettering, from the Legend of Zelda Videogame series.


If you are not a gamer, skip this listing. However, If the mere words "Legend of Zelda" immediately call up the musical theme in your head, this listing is for you. And all your gaming ilk. :D

I am not a gamer, but the mother of a boy, now a man, who has made his career in the video game industry. So I know a lot of those video game themes by heart myself, as they were the soundtrack to my life for many years. That is how I knew that I had to be the one to make this gift for a gamer girrrl. Her fabulous boyfriend commissioned this name necklace for her, in pure silver, in the Hylian Alphabet used in the Zelda series. Too. cool. (I learned later that this is the SariF Ancient Hylian FULL Alphabet Font by Sarinill, an adaptation of the original font used in the game.)

He provided me with a black and white image that I used to make a stamp from a polymer compound. That stamp then is used to create a bas-relief image in silver metal clay, which is fired to become an object of SOLID silver as the metal particles fuse.

The cost varies, but a large medallion like this will run in the 250 to 350 dollar range. This pendant came with a rubber cord with a sterling clasp. If desired, I can provide a suitable chain such as a 3mm French Rope chain in sterling (cost approximately 80 dollars)

More than one medallion can be made from the same stamp, in either bronze or silver. Additional pieces would cost less, because the stamp is being reused.

The same process can be used to make keychains, earrings, commemorative medallions, in either silver or bronze.

Please contact me through the 'custom order' button to ask about having your own treasure created!

Materials: sterling silver

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