Paris Flea Market Bronze Quatrefoil Keychain Key Fob Key Chain in Solid Bronze

  • $44.00

Solid Bronze Keychain Fob with Solid Brass key ring. Fob Approx 1 1/2 " (4 cm.) in diameter

When in Paris, my very patient husband agreed (ie: gave in graciously) that the very first day in town we would spend at the Paris Flea Market. One of the treasures I found in the winding alleys was the vintage metal stamping which would become the mold for this beautiful solid Bronze Keychain.

The fob weighs about as much as two quarters. It is substantial and weighty in the hand, and lovely in it's antiqued sheen. A perfect gift for yourself or your favorite Francophile!

Available in two finishes:
Polished - As shown
Matte - (see other listing)

This design is available both as a pendant and as a keychain  You will also find it as a button in another listing.  The pendant comes with a black silk cord at no charge. If you would like a bronze chain, please contact me and I will have some options for you at various price points.

Also - If you would like a date and/or monogram on the back, I can add that in hand stamped letters like the "JB" show in the middle picture.

Marked on the back with my "JB" logo, and 'bronze' (not shown-new stamp!)

Please allow about two to three weeks after receipt of order for production.

Materials: bronze,bronzeclay,brass,metal