Family Crest Coat of Arms Heraldry Medallion Pendant Necklace in Solid Bronze

  • $145.00

EXAMPLE - Custom Family Crest Coat of Arms Heraldry Medallion Pendant in Pure Bronze 1 " ( 2.4 cm) in diameter.

This is an example of a custom project so you can see what I can make for you!

This is a coat of arms design made into a medallion of solid bronze. I start with an example of the crest, and redraw it to create a black and white line drawing which is then used to create a custom stamp used for producing the piece. The amount of detail that can be included is pretty amazing.

The cost varies, but the 1 " (2.4 cm) diameter sized example shown in the first picture would run 145.00 without the chain, and about 165.00 with the chain. I can also provide a leather or silk cord, should you wish.

More than one medallion can be made from the same stamp, in either bronze or silver. Additional pieces would cost less, because the stamp is being reused.

Please allow about two to three weeks for fabrication. Contact me to ask about having your own treasure created!