Monogrammed Solid Bronze Blazer Buttons Set - Smooth Finish - Two Initials

  • $213.00

Bronze Blazer Button set with a Two Initial Monogram (Other letter configurations available upon request.)

Some people just need TWO initials. JR.  KC.   TJ.   ET. 

Or, they don't mess with their middle names. Two will do. These are the buttons for THAT person!

These are rugged, heavy, solid bronze buttons with a raw edge and hearty texture, stamped with your initials. They are Agolden, and formal enough to carry the day. It’s just when folks get right up close that they realize these are not your father’s blazer buttons.

Formed of bronze clay, these buttons are kiln fired, then hand and tumbler polished to bring out their shine. (Metal clay is a new metallurgical process where nanoparticles of metal are put into a malleable matrix. When fired at high temps - 1600 F or more - for hours the object fuse into solid metal) Thee cufflinks are then protected with a coat of tarnish retarding Renaissance Wax.

These are wonderful for men or women of any age. They would also make a terrific groomsman’s gift for your wedding party. Or a special gift to the lucky groom himself.
(and because bronze is the traditional material for eighth anniversary gifts, they would make a wonderful surprise for your sweetie eight years later if he didn't get a set to wear at your wedding )

This set includes three ¾” coat buttons, and six 11/16” sleeve buttons. If you are putting together your own set, the price is:

Coat buttons, each: 27.00
Sleeve buttons, each; 22.00

If you need a different configuration in your set, just convo me and I'll set up a special listing for you.

Because these are custom made, please one to two weeks for production.

Perfect for your graduate, as a wedding or groomsman’s gift, or for Dad. You know he’s cool.

Please look around, I have other styles and monogram configurations of these buttons.

As with all fine blazer buttons, I would ask your drycleaners to remove before cleaning or use button protectors. However my standard advice: of please hand wash, machine wash on your most delicate cycle in a mesh bag (no dryer), or dry clean - can apply to these also.

Materials: bronze,bronze clay,bronzclay,metal