Baby Alphabet Block Silver Pendant Necklace Purse or Diaper Bag Charm Zipper Pull

  • $110.00

Handmade Sterling Silver Alphabet Block Bag Charm or Zipper Pull, approx. 1" (2.4 cm) in diameter.

We've all heard of babies being born with a silver spoon their mouths, but what about a sterling Alphabet Block Diaper Bag Charm on their bags? Seriously, this is for when you want to give that present that is extra, EXTRA special - the one that no one else will even think of, much less give. This piece has the added bonus of living a second life as a charm on a bracelet, pendant on a necklace, or zipper pull on a backpack as your little one gets bigger. (or as Mom holds it for 'safekeeping' for a few years. ;) ) It is truly an heirloom to be enjoyed for all of a lifetime.

I will create a block monogram for you, and translate it into sterling silver. It will come to you with a black or brown leather cord to attach it to a bag or zipper. (Please select color at check out)

This block is made with a lush deep relief, and will just get lovelier over time as it is handled because it is pure silver though and through, not plated. It's an extra lovely gift for the extra wonderful baby or mother-to-be in your life.

Please send me the entire name, and I will arrange the block with the last name initial on the top, first initial on the left, and middle initial on the right. If ever a gift was squeal-worthy (you know what I'm talking about) this is it!

Please allow about 3 weeks for production.