Personalized Monogrammed Key Chain Keychain in Solid Hammered Bronze - Lower Case

  • $39.50

Solid Bronze Monogrammed Keychain Fob with Solid Brass key ring Approx 1" 1 1/18" (2.4 cm.) in diameter

When wandering around some funky stores in Dallas's Bishop's Arts district, I came across the most wonderful letter stamp set in a beautiful wooden box. No caps, just these lower case letters full of character.

This lovely keychain is made of solid bronze with a solid brass could carry it in your pocket for years, and it will only get more burnished and lovely with wear. It's raw edges and deeply impressed letters give it a pleasing industrial quality, but the rich bronze color and hammered finish give it warmth.

A ideal gift when you want to give something of value and lasting worth, but not spend a fortune.  And if you WOULD like to spend a fortune (i.e. 175.00) I will be glad to make one in Sterling Silver for you, when nothing else will do.

Sure to solve your gift giving dilemmas, send me those initials and beat the shopping rush! In addition, bronze is the metal for 8th wedding anniversaries, so it can be an extra special gift. I can add a date on the back if you wish.

This keychain is available only as three (or two) lower case letters. Please be sure to send me the initials you need in the message to seller when you check out.

I CAN ADD A DATE ON THE BACK IF YOU WISH, please just choose that variation at checkout.

Please allow about two to three weeks after receipt of order for production.

Materials: bronze,bronzeclay,brass,metal,gold key