Once Removed Solid Bronze Key Fob Key Chain Keychain with Solid Brass Split Ring

  • $33.00

Key chain or Fob from Solid Bronze in the shape of a Key 1 3/4" long (4.5 cm) with a solid brass split key ring.

We've all been to the same family reunion. After you've looked at the baby and wedding pictures, and tried to figure out who the new guy in the corner is, you start dissecting family connections.

"Is she a first cousin once removed? Second cousin? Second cousin twice removed?"

It doesn't really matter, the fact that you all gathered in one place is sign enough of the permanence of the relationships involved. But the phrase 'once removed' seems fitting for this intriguing key chain. The key you see is molded from one of our family keys used for decades. The letters are almost worn off, rubbed by ten thousand turnings in the same lock.

I love it. I love the rustic smoothness of the bronze, the hints of letters left in relief, and the fascination of a humble utilitarian object so shaped by it past. This molded key is 'once removed' from the original, and all the richer for it.

Molded and fired from bronze clay, It is then tumbler and hand polished, oxidized to bring out the monogram and texture of the bronze, then hand polished again and protected with a tarnish retarding coat of Renaissance wax.

You can read more about silver and bronze clay in my shop announcements.

It is marked on the back with my 'jb' logo. If you wish, I can add a monogram or a date on the back, just choose that variation at check out.

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For a larger keychain, please check out my other listings.  Please allow two to three weeks for fabrication.