Personalized Key Chain Keychain in Solid Bronze Monogrammed - Slings and Arrows

  • $39.50

Solid Bronze Monogrammed Keychain Fob with Solid Brass key ring Approx 1" (2.4 cm.) in diameter

Beauty is nice, but beauty PLUS durability is better. This lovely keychain is made of solid bronze and solid could carry it in your pocket for years, and it will only get more burnished and lovely with wear. Those are the things I like best...items which take the dings of daily use and turn them into a fine patina. All those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune turned into a sort of metal polish. Kind of a metaphor for how we ought to deal with life, no?

A ideal gift when you want to give something of value and lasting worth, but not spend a fortune.  And i f you WOULD like to spend a fortune (i.e. 165.00) I will be glad to make one in Sterling Silver for you, when nothing else will do.

I can also add a date on the back for you; just choose that variation at check out

Sure to solve your gift giving dilemmas this season, send me those initials and beat the shopping rush!

The example shown here has a slightly larger center initial, also available with all three initials the same size. Please remember to send me the desired initials when you purchase, putting them in the order desired.

John Brown Smith = JBS for all block letters
John Brown Smith = j S b for larger center initial

AND PLEASE GIVE ME THE ENTIRE NAME TOO, AS A DOUBLE CHECK AGAINST THE INITIAL'S ORDER. This has helped me to catch more than one transposition of letters before it's turned to stone, so to speak ; )

Please allow about two to three weeks after receipt of order for production.

Materials: bronze,bronzeclay,brass,metal