Happy Flower Personalized Key Chain Keychain in Solid Bronze Monogrammed

  • $35.00

Solid Bronze Monogrammed Keychain Fob with Solid Brass key ring Approx 1" (2.4 cm.) in diameter

There is no reason that the everyday things of life should not bring a smile to our faces. Hence this Happy Flower keychain. Of course it is durably made of solid bronze and solid brass, but that doesn't mean it can't be a little girly too!

A ideal gift when you want to give something of value and lasting worth, but not spend a fortune.
(and if you WOULD like to spend a fortune (i.e. 165.00) I will be glad to make one in Sterling and Fine Silver for you, when nothing else will do)

Because of the background this design does best with one center initial. Perfect when you have no idea of the middle name, no? ; )

I CAN ALSO ADD A DATE ON THE BACK IN SMALL LETTERS IF YOU WISH, please just choose that variation at checkout.

Please allow about two to three weeks after receipt of order for production.

Materials: bronze,bronzeclay,brass,metal