Monogrammed Custom Bronze Key Chain Fob with Rustic Hammered Finish

  • $105.00

Solid Bronze Key Chain Fob with Solid Brass Split Ring 1 1/4" (3 cm) long

I had a customer who wanted a really rustic, aged look - a 'buried for a thousand years and then dug up and run over with a car' look. This was the result! Craggy and beautiful, the contrast between the hammered shiny finish and scars of 'age' is spectacular.  This is an example of the kind of pieces I can create for you.

These were a company logo, but I can also make something special for you with your monogram or coat of arms. Because these are all made from scratch and not premade fobs, any shape is possible. Contact me and let's make something fabulous!

The cost is divided into two parts - Adapting the art and making a custom stamp, and then the cost of the fobs themselves. Art/stamp runs from about 50 to 150 dollars, and is a one time charge, as the stamp is reusable. The fobs would run from about 50 to 75 each in bronze, according to size. I can make you something wonderful in sterling silver, too, if you prefer!

Marked on the back with "bronze" and my 'JB" logo. I CAN ALSO ADD A DATE OR INITIALS ON THE BACK IF YOU WISH, for an additional 5.00 to 10.00 per fob.

Please allow three weeks for production. Each piece comes gift boxed, ready for giving.