Keychains Key Fob Key Ring with Wedding Logo in Sterling Silver Custom - EXAMPLE

  • $435.00

Sterling Silver Key Chain Key Ring Key Fob with Wedding Logo - 1 1/8" in diameter (2.7 cm)


What do you get the couple who has everything? This is not just a theoretical question nowadays, as more and more people set sail onto the seas of matrimony with a fully furnished boat. ; ) One thing they will NOT have stowed below though, is this beautiful set of matching sterling silver keychains, featuring their wedding logo.

I've noticed that many couples are commissioning a monogram or graphic for their weddings. Put on cakes, on napkins, on helps make the day special, but then it disappears! Let me create a meaningful and lasting keepsake which will be the perfect gift.

The cost is divided into two parts...the design and stamp making phase, where I adapt the wedding art and make a stamp for producing the pieces, and then the fabrication of the keychains themselves.

A clear black and white image works best for my processes, although I can adapt almost anything to work. The art/stampmaking charge ranges from 50.00 for camera ready art to 150.00 for a logo I would need to redraw extensively. This is a one time charge, as the stamp is reusable. You can send me a physical example of the logo on paper, a link to a wedding website, even a straight on (no angle distortion) photo to work from.

Each keyring is 195.00. This is for a substantial fob about 1 1/8" in diameter, with a sterling silver split ring for your keys. Because I start from 'scratch' almost any shape or size is possible, just contact me for a quote. In this example, the cost was 45.00 + 195.00 + 195.00 = 435.00.

I can add the date on the back for an additional 20.00, too.

Your keychains will arrive mounted side by side in a gift box. Please allow about to to three weeks after ordering for production.

You know this is the perfect gift! Send me that logo!


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