Key Ring Fob Chain with Club Crest Coat of Arms in Solid Bronze and Brass - Custom -

  • $140.00

Custom key fob in bronze with stamped design, and solid brass keyring - multiples


Sometimes you need a BUNCH of gifts. Nice gifts, to commemorate a special occasion. Extra unique gifts, that could only be given to a certain group on a particular day. And gifts of good quality, that will last as long as the memories made during a special event. Think family reunions, business meetings, sports events, weddings, 50th wedding anniversaries....anyplace people will gather, and you would like them to be able to take away a very special keepsake of the day.

This keyfob and ring are an example of such a gift. Made of solid, weighty bronze, with a brass ring, you can signify a special day or weekend in a way that will be much appreciated.

I will work with you to create text and/or artwork, and then create your key ring in sold bronze. It can be round, square, rectangular....we will come up with a design that works for you. There is nothing to wear out or rub off on this set...nothing is plated or painted. It will only grow more mellow and beautiful with use.

The cost is divided into two parts - adapting your art and creating a custom stamp, and then making the key fob(s) themselves.  The art/stamp cost varies from 50 to 100 dollars, and the fobs run about 40 to 55.

Please allow at least two to three weeks for production.Does this sound like something you’d like to learn more about? Send me a message and we’ll talk!

Thank you!

Materials: bronze,bronzclay,bronze clay,brass

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