Watch Gears Cufflinks in Sterling Silver- Difference Engine - Steampunk

  • $197.50

Difference Engine Watch Gear Cufflinks in Sterling Silver 3/4" (1.9cm) - Steampunk

In the 1820's, Charles Babbage designed an elaborate and beautiful mechanical calculating machine, which he named the Difference Engine. It actually remained unbuilt until the 1990's, when Bruce Sterling and William Gibson wrote a novel of of the same name. The era of Steampunk was born - their book proposed an alternative history where Babbage's engine HAD been built, and the world from 1825 forwards was based on brass and clockwork instead of silicon and bytes.

These gorgeous Proto-Industrial Steampunk are created with a mold I made from a vintage watch movement. It's amazing to me how much detail of delicate gears and tiny screws cane through! Then sterling silver cufflinks backs are soldered, not glued on, and all is patinated and repolished to bring out the detail of the intricate workings.

They are geekery at it's elegant best, a witty nod to steampunk yet suitable for the most formal occasion through their excellence in both materials and fabrication.

Also available in bronze with bronze backs also, for 65.00

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