Ranch Brand Cattle Brand Cufflinks in Solid Bronze

  • $135.00

Solid Bronze Cuff Links with Ranch Brand - approx. 3/4" (18mm) in diameter

A wonderful gift for your ranch loving friends or family, these beautiful cuff links are made from solid bronze, which has been deeply imprinted with your farm or ranch brand, and given a hand hammered finish. I will take the black and white graphic you provide me of the image and transform it into a meaningful accessory that will remind you of your special acreage every time you pull it out. An incredible Birthday or Christmas present, this is also a spectacular hostess gift to thank for a gala weekend at the ranch. I'm from Texas, so this is not just a theoretical need. ; ).

The pictures here are of my silver cufflinks with the colors adjusted, take a look at the 'db' cufflink in the second picture for a truer color rendition.

Please allow three weeks after ordering for production.

I can make this with either a plain or hammered finish. Also available in silver for 245.00 , or I can make a key chain for for you too!

If you need only one pair, just go ahead and order and send me your brand in a message after the order is placed. For multiple pairs, please contact me to create a custom listing for you, as additional pairs are just 195.00 in silver, and 80.00 in bronze once the stamp is made.

I can also use your stamp to make a fabulous key fob for you in solid bronze (65.00) or sterling silver (195.00)

Thanks very much!