Handyman Special Solid Bronze Hex Nut Cufflinks Cuff Link 5/8 Inch

  • $65.00

Approximately 5/8" (1.6 cm) Diameter Hexagonal Nut Shaped Cuff links in Solid Bronze

Handyman special indeed - based on a piece of ubiquitous hardware, these handsome cuff links have much more character than their steel counterparts. Surely there is a fix-it person in your life who deserves a special thank you? Or someone who has just a little "you can put me in dress up clothes, but you can't make me dress up" air about them? These are the cufflinks for them. Beautiful, lustrous, luxurious, but just a bit non-conformist nonetheless.

Each one is hand molded from bronze metal clay (you can read more about metal clays in the shop description), then carefully shaped and sanded to be a replica of your basic hardware store hex nut. But these have waaay more character and life to them than any machine stamped piece of hardware. After the hex cufflink top is fired, it is soldered to a solid bronze cufflink back

Made of bronze metal clay, these are crafted of solid bronze and finished with a soft warm patina. About 5/8" in diameter, each one weighs a bit more than a quarter. These are a solid and substantial piece of jewelry. And don't forget - bronze is the metal for 8th anniversary gifts!

To make this gift extra special, I can also include a date on the back (see last picture) for an extra charge.

Also available with a single letter monogram.

Materials: bronze,bronze clay,bronzclay,metal