Double Cloud Fine Silver 5/8" Button

  • $15.50

Handmade Fine Silver Scroll Embossed Button 5/8" (1.6cm)


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As breezy and cheerful as a summer's day, these silver buttons are doubly embossed with the delicate scroll pattern of my Cloud Babies. This gives them a more intricate, filigree look.

They are made of .999 fine silver; formed of silver clay, then kiln fired, polished, patinated and polished again so they may shine in all their floral splendor. The result are buttons made of silver purer than sterling, and because they do not have sterling’s alloys, they remain bright and untarnished longer.

Each one is 5/8" in diameter,.They are marked on the back with my 'jb' logo, and '.999FS' . They are machine washable on delicate in a mesh bag, or can be drycleaned. Please do not put in the dryer though, to protect their delicate sensibilities!

AVAILABLE AS A SET OF 7 FOR 75.00 ( That's one free button!)

Materials: silver,pure silver,metal,art clay,silver clay,pmc