EXAMPLE Custom Blazer Buttons in Sterling SILVER with Custom Monogram, Wedding, or Business Logo

  • $575.00

Set of Custom Buttons in Fine (.999) or Sterling SILVER , with your initial, monogram, or custom logo.


This is a listing illustrating a set of custom blazer buttons made in fine (.999 pure) solid silver. These are not silver plated or silver colored, but pure silver all the way through. This particular set has been made using a business design provided to me by the customer, to create a truly wonderful set of buttons that will last a lifetime (and then some).

To order these, we will talk about what kind of design you would like. Would you like a script monogram, or a calligraphic initial? Do you have a company with a logo you would like to use? I will help you adapt your wishes or artwork into a design suitable for buttonmaking, and then create your set.

The cost is divided into two parts - the first is artwork/design/stampmaking. This runs from 50.00 (as for the camera ready art provided by the client) to 150.00 creating an original design or motif to use on your buttons. I then create a reusable mold/stamp which can be used to make all the buttons.

The second part of the cost is for the buttons themselves. A coat front button is 70.00 each, sleeve buttons are 60.00 each. Some possible set configurations would be:

3 Buttons on each sleeve, 2 Coat Buttons

2 x 70 =140
6 x 60 =360
75 to 150 art/stampmaking
575 to 650 dollars

4 Buttons on Each sleeve, 3 Coat Buttons

3 x 70 = 210
8 x 60 = 480
75  to 150 art/stampmaking
765 to 840 dollars

I will create a custom listing for you depending on your art and stamp requirements, and the number of buttons you need.

Are you looking for a gift that is a truly special and spectacular? Are you having a hard time deciding what to get your groom, or even better, your husband on your 25th anniversary? Not anymore. ; ) This is truly a lifetime gift, that will be handed down with love and care.

Please allow two to three weeks for fabrication. Contact me for your own custom listing!

Materials: fine silver,999 silver