Neptune's Trident Medallion Pendant in Solid Bronze

  • $95.00

EXAMPLE - Trident Medallion Pendant in Pure Bronze 1 1/8 " (2.7 cm) in diameter.

This is an example of a custom project so you can see what I can make for you!

I start by making a custom stamp after adapting your crest into black and white line art suitable for my stamp making process.. The cost for art and stamp making runs from about 50.00 to 150.00 depending on how much adaptation needs to be made. This is a one time charge, as the stamp is reusable.

The second part is the cost of the medallion itself. For a 1 1/8" solid bronze medallion, that would be 55.00. I ship on a black silk cord at no cost, or can provide you with some choices for a leather cord or bronze chain.

Please allow about two to three weeks for fabrication. Contact me to ask about having your own treasure created!