Wedding Logo Intertwined Linked Letters Cuff Links Cufflinks in Sterling Silver

  • $240.00

Sterling Silver ¾” diameter Cuff links with Monogram of Interlaced Letters

Sometimes less is just enough. I think that's the case with these elegant sterling silver cufflinks with a wedding logo monogram. Classic, graceful, timeless...all the things you want a lasting gift to be.

This monogram was brought to me by a bride as her wedding logo, but I can create a monogram just for you, too! I start by making a custom stamp after adapting the crest into black and white line art. The cost for art and stamp making runs from about 50.00 to 125.00 depending on how much adaptation needs to be made. This is a one time charge, as the stamp is reusable. The cost of the cufflinks themselves is 80.00 per pair in bronze, and 195.00 per pair in sterling silver. The cost for this particular pair was 125.00 for the art, and 195.00 for the cufflinks.

These are custom made for you in sterling silver, with sterling cuff link backs soldered to the monogrammed face. They are tumbler and hand polished, oxidized to bring out the monogram and texture of the silver, then hand polished once more.

These are wonderful for men or women of any age. They would also make a terrific groomsman’s gift for your wedding party. Or a special gift to the lucky groom himself. And a spectacular gift for a 25th anniversary.

Please allow three weeks for fabrication.

I can also use your stamp to make a fabulous key fob for you in solid bronze (65.00) or sterling silver (195.00)!

You know I've just solved your gift giving problems! Send me those initials! :D

Materials: silver,fine silver,999 silver,pure silver,silver clay,pmc,metal clay,metal