Sterling Silver Cufflinks with Family Crest or Coat of Arms Design

  • $365.00

Sterling Silver cufflinks approx 7/8" (3 cm) diameter with Sterling Silver Backs  


Sometimes you need something really out of the ordinary. So far out that the only way to get there is to have it custom made.

These cufflinks were a commission for a client who wanted his family crest executed as a cufflink design. I took the artwork and I made a custom stamp which I used to create a bas-relief design in sterling metal clay. Then the cufflink blanks were dried, sanded and shaped, fired at very high temp in a kiln (where the metal particles in the clay fused into solid silver) Sterling cufflink backs were soldered to the cufflink face. The set was then tumbler and hand polished, oxidized to bring out the design and texture of the silver, then hand polished one last time.

These are wonderful for men or women of any age. They would also make a terrific groomsman’s gift for your wedding party. Or a special gift to the lucky groom himself. (and because silver is the traditional material for twenty-fifth anniversary gifts, they would make a wonderful surprise for your sweetie twenty five years later if he didn't get a pair to wear your wedding )

The cost for a pair like the ones above would be:

50.00 to 150.00 to create the stamp. This is a one time charge, as the stamp is reusable. This was a especially detailed crest, so it was on the high end.

These particular cufflinks themselves are 215.00 a a pair in sterling silver, as they are oversized per the customer's wishes. They would run 80.00 a pair in solid bronze. The same stamp can also can be used to create a matching necklace or bracelet charm.

Since these are completely custom made, please allow two to three weeks for production.

In addition, I can also use your stamp to make a fabulous key fob for you in solid bronze (65.00) or sterling silver (195.00)!