Southern Planter Fine Silver and Amber Peridot Shawl Pin Hair Stick Hair Pin in Fine Silver

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Fine Silver 3 1/2" (9 cm) shawl pin in leaf Form with Amber Peridot

If you don't live in the South, ignore this paragraph. If you do, and I say "sweet potato plant", you know exactly what I am referring to. The neon green leafy plant suddenly cascading from pots all over Dallas the last couple of years, that manages in some supernatural way to survive our summers when all else withers.

This amazingly detailed little leaf was modeled on a newly minted leaf plucked from one of those planters. It was used to form the silver leaf of the pin, and then a beautiful faceted peridot was added. Through the multiple firings used to form the pin, the natural stone took on a lovely amber shade. Many stones are heat treated to change their color; I had just never done it at home before!

It is 3 1/2 long from tip to the point of the veined leaf. It is made of silver metal clay, .999 percent pure silver. This piece was hand formed, kiln fired, and polished by hand and tumbler to bring out it's beautiful texture.

It is suitable as a decorative hair pin, to adorn a style held in place with other pins. For your clothing, it really is a stellar addition to your knitted work.

In the last picture, I have shown it with a simple twisted silver ring, available separately  as my "Universal "O" Ring". 

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