Sterling Silver Penannular Shawl Pin Brooch Fastener Clasp

  • $98.00

Circular Penannular Pin of Sterling silver with ball finials and stick pin. 1 1/4" (3.2 cm) in diameter.

Lovely, graceful, functional, and did I say historical also? The Penannular shape [from the latin paena (almost) and annulus (ring)] is also known as a Bronze Age or Celtic pin. Somewhat like the iron wire puzzles sold at roadside eateries, using one seems complex until you see it done, then there is a 'well duh!" moment. You simply point the stick pin away from the ring, insert the pin, then flip the ring over, tuck one end under the wire and rotate. I'll include a diagram for you with your pin.

This pin is especially graceful - the ends of the ring taper into small ball finials and the stick pin in hand hammered and hand filed to a point.

A special gift for your favorite knitter (or wearer or scarves, sweaters and shawls, for that matter). I won't tell if you buy it for yourself, either ; )

Materials: fine silver,sterling silver