Custom Cufflinks in Sterling Silver with Lion Rampant Heraldry Crest - EXAMPLE

  • $270.00

Sterling Silver Cufflinks with Custom Heraldic Crest


Sometimes you need something really out of the ordinary. So far out of the ordinary that the only way to get there is to have it custom made.

These cufflinks were a commission for a client who wanted his family crest executed as a cufflink design. I took the artwork and I made a custom stamp, which I then used to create a bas-relief design in silver metal clay. Then the cufflink blanks were dried, sanded and shaped, fired at very high temp in a kiln (where the metal particles in the clay fused into solid sterling silver)

Solid sterling cufflink backs were soldered (not glued) to the cufflink face. The set was then tumbler and hand polished, oxidized to bring out the design and texture of the silver, then hand polished again to create a precious future heirloom.

This process requires black and white line art in order to create the stamp. Because of the nature of metal clay and the stamp making process, I won't be able to reproduce a highly detailed motif with hair thin lines all through it, or one with lots of shades of grey ...but there is a whole lot I CAN do. Contact me and I will be glad to take a look at your proposed design and see how we can make it work.

These are wonderful for men or women of any age. They would also make a terrific groomsman’s gift for your wedding party. Or a special gift to the lucky groom himself. Or celebrate your 25th anniversary in spectacular style.

Since these are completely custom made, please allow two week for production.

Making the stamp would be from 50 to 100 dollars, depending on the complexity of getting a good image for stamp making. This one was an intermediate design, so it would be somewhere in the middle range. The cufflinks would run 195.00 pair. Multiple pairs can be made from the same stamp.

Also available solid bronze,should you prefer. In addition, I can also use your stamp to make a fabulous key fob for you in solid bronze (65.00) or sterling silver (195.00)!

Contact me now to create your custom treasure!

Materials: bronze,bronze clay,silver,pmc,fine silver,metal clay